Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Henry BarryOur faculty are the most important resource in our College of Human Medicine. They implement the College's missions of teaching, scholarship, and service, and are the basis for our College's reputation for excellence. I am committed to developing excellence in all faculty, to support the faculty in their pursuit of excellence, and to help sustain faculty vitality throughout their careers.

Henry C. Barry, M.D., M.S.
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development


We foster a culture of academic excellence within the College of Human Medicine by using novel and proven approaches to engage and retain all our faculty and support faculty vitality and professional development throughout their careers.


Welcome new faculty and harness their full capacity to achieve excellence

Develop an infrastructure of systems that assures faculty development

Advance a culture of campus-wide academic excellence

Promote campus-wide faculty professionalism



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