Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Promotion of Clinical/Adjunct "Prefix" Faculty

All requests for promotion of faculty with a "prefix" rank in the Clinical/Adjunct Appointment System must be initiated at the department level.

The chairperson of the appropriate academic department shall have final responsibility and authority for recommending any candidate to the Dean of the College of Human Medicine for initial appointment, reappointment, or promotion. Refer to the CHM guidelines for clinical/adjunct appointments here.


Department Review Process
Each department is responsible for determining the timelines, process, and procedures for the review and approval of promotions of faculty in the Clinical/Adjunct Appointment System.

Community-based faculty who desire to be promoted and who believe they meet the minimum requirements and/or guidelines, and can provide the required documentation, should contact their department chairperson or other department-designated individual to discuss the nomination process.

Departments are responsible for collecting the promotion application form and any other required documentation from the candidate. Once approved at the department level the application form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the CHM Office of Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) at

College Process
The CHM Office of Faculty Affairs and Development will review all applications and forward final approved application form to the appropriate Community Assistant Dean's office for processing the change in rank. Promotion is generally concurrent with reappointment.



Faculty candidate completes and submits to Department

1. Prefix Promotion Application Form
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Personal Narrative Statement
4. Other evidence as required

Department Chair completes and submits to FAD

5. Prefix Promotion Application Form with recommendation
6. Letter of Support (promotion to Professor only)
7. Items 1–4 above

Guidelines and Forms

CHM Guidelines for Clinical/Adjunct Prefix Promotion

Promotion Application (Prefix Rank)

Curriculum Vitae (AAMC example)