Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Office of Faculty Affairs
and Development
College of Human Medicine

Fixed Term Faculty


Departments apply rigorous standards to reviews based on objective and relevant criteria provided to all faculty. Criteria encompass Department, CHM and MSU criteria. These criteria should be provided to all faculty members at time of appointment and promotion. Departments are responsible for initiating Reappointment and Promotion process and providing guidance as to process, procedures and deadline dates to their faculty.

The CHM criteria used for promotion review are based on the fixed term faculty member's primary area of focus. The primary area is generally in the area for which the majority of their effort is allocated. The faculty candidate must identify his/her primary area of focus, and use those specific criteria in one of the following areas:

  • Instruction
  • Research and Scholarly Activity
  • Clinical Service
  • Administrative Service

A recommendation for promotion should be based on several years (generally 5 to 7 years) of sustained and outstanding achievements in instruction, research and scholarly activity and service, consistent with performance levels for similar faculty expected at a premier, land-grant AAU University.

Faculty members interested in going up for promotion are responsible to familiarize themselves with their department timelines, procedures and criteria prior to submitting a request for promotion and/or completing the required forms and academic portfolio.


Recommendations for promotion are made in the department and/or unit according to unit, college and university bylaws, policies, procedures, standards and criteria. Departments are responsible for initiating the reappointment and promotion process and providing guidance to their faculty. Faculty should be provided the criteria, process and timelines at time of appointment.

A peer group of faculty, operating in an advisory mode, provides advice to the academic unit administrator in the matter of promotion, as stated in the unit bylaws. The chairperson or director is responsible as an individual for the recommendations he or she makes. The College RPT Committee provides advice to the Dean about department/unit recommendations for promotion. Deans review independently each recommendation and approve or disapprove, taking into account unit and college recommendations. Deans forward recommendations to the Associate Provost for Academic Human Resources.

Departmental submission of reappointment and promotion forms to CHM Faculty Affairs and Development by the first working day in January.


Faculty Candidate completes steps 1-6 and submits to department

1. Review Fixed Term Promotion Guidelines
2. Apply the criteria based on your primary area of focus. Select only one of the following:

3. Complete CHM Fixed Term Form, Section IV
4. Curriculum Vitae (AAMC example)
5. Reflective Essay
6. Developing an academic portfolio

Department/Chair completes steps 7-9 and submits to College

7. Complete CHM Fixed Term Form, Sections I–III
8. CHM Letters of Reference
9. Include Items from steps 3–6 above

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